Victoria Albert York

Featuring a deep, double ended bathing well, the York freestanding tub has an elegant design for any designer bathroom.

The free standing tub is easy to live with thanks to an elegant pedestal base hiding all the waste plumbing.

Traditional double-ended tub – Made from ENGLISHCAST®

  • One piece casting of volcanic limestone and resin
  • Harder & more durable than acrylic
  • Easy clean high gloss finish
  • Exterior can be painted, faux finished or stenciled

At Victoria + Albert, we use a special white rock that we call Volcanic Limestone™. It is a key ingredient in every bath and basin we manufacture. Starting life as a soft and chalky limestone, its creation is one of natural transformation after being exposed to huge elemental forces from liquid magma. After millions of years, the high temperature and pressure results in incredibly hard, strong strands being formed. Once ground to a powder, we blend the Volcanic Limestone™ with high quality resins to form ENGLISHCAST® – a world class composite that is rock solid, scratch resistant and exclusive to Victoria + Albert.

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