Zitta Reflexion Corner Shower Door

  • Zitta Reflexion corner shower door available in 48″ Width, 60″ Width
  • Zitta Reflexion corner shower door available in 32″, 36″, 42″ Return Panel Width
  • Corner 1 door, 1 fixed, 1 return
  • Height of 78 ¾” (2000mm)
  • Adjustment of the level of the top rail
  • Adjustment of door panel level by the rollers
  • Adjustment of the fixed panel level by the wall extrusion (1″ – 25mm)
  • Interior and exterior knob handle
  • Magnetic closing
  • ZittaClean stain resistant glass treatment
  • Reversible left or right
  • 2-way mirror panels provide privacy without hindering seeing outside
  • Fixed panel and door panel 10mm
  • Soft rolling guaranteed for life
  • Fixed panel secured with a squeeze gasket
  • Finishing caps on extrusions
  • Aluminium threshold with sealing gasket
  • Door stop
  • Frictionless door sill guide
  • Solid door bottom anchor
  • Vertical seals
  • Large door opening
  • Safe tempered mirrored glass with polished edges

Mirror mirror on the wall… our Reflexion series truly reflects your style and your bathroom decor! This beautifully designed collection offers great privacy and will impress you with the quality of the specially protected mirrored glass, giving it a smoky and contemporary feel. The hidden rolling track mechanism and small stylish handle add a polish and elegant touch to the door. The discrete magnetised closing mechanism maintains the desired minimalist style and will give you an impression of grandeur.

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